By Leonida Kombo,

mSurvey has released its Customer Loyalty Industry Benchmark Report for Quarter 3 2018, highlighting Kenyans’ preferred brands in customer experience and the drivers behind their success from 12 industries with new entries including government facilities, tertiary education and public transport in Nairobi County.

Sectors that improved in their customer service delivery within the quarter included Banking, Health Facilities and Retail which recorded higher Industry Net Promoter Scores (NPS) from the previous quarter. The Energy sector continues to offer the best experience to customers across the industries, despite the significant drop this quarter.

mSurvey Customer Loyalty Industry Benchmark Infographic for Quarter 3 2018

mSurvey Customer Loyalty Industry Benchmark Infographic for Quarter 3 2018

Speed and efficiency of delivery and the rates are the main drivers of NPS in the Banking Industry. According to Kenyan customers, Equity and Co-Operative bank both emerged as the industry leaders in quarter 3 scoring an NPS of 21, 3 points above the industry score for the quarter. Equity bank’s customers owed their improvement to the availability of courteous and reliable agents countrywide.

In the insurance sector, customer service, efficiency and speed with which the claims are processed and queries responded to were the key drivers of customer loyalty making Sanlam the industry leader with an NPS of 23, 10 points above the industry NPS. NHIF which had an NPS of 11 made significant improvements within the quarter with customers attributing this to improved speed of delivery and products that meet the customer needs at a pocket friendly cost. A verbatim comment from one customer on NHIF services was, “Having NHIF helps when one needs medication and also helps when there are high bills.”

There is a continued disparity in service offering between private and public health institutions. Customers hailed Gertrudes as the leading hospital in the private sector this quarter with an NPS of 37 dwarfing the industry score of -5 points owing to their speedy response to patient needs and their staff who are described by customers as courteous and helpful.

Government hospitals continued to reveal  poor service delivery with customers calling out inadequate staff and facilities as well as unsatisfactory treatment by attendants. “They delay before they treat someone even if it's an emergency,” said one customer.

Customers play an integral part in the growth of a business. mSurvey’s Chief Commercial Officer Claire Munene states, “Understanding the drivers of customer loyalty enables a business to  increase their operational efficiencies and  enhance their competitive advantage through product innovation. These actions have proven to result in strengthened brand equity and revenue growth.”

mSurvey began publishing Customer Loyalty Industry Benchmarks on a quarterly basis as a step beyond providing businesses with insights from their customer feedback using the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a globally recognized customer loyalty metric. The benchmark enables businesses to establish how they rank against their competition and to know the drivers behind the success of the industry leaders.

About mSurvey

Since mSurvey’s inception in 2012, we have been helping businesses better understand consumers in Africa with mSurvey’s flagship product Voice of the Customer. Through this product, businesses have been able to access customer feedback directly from their customers at scale and in real time through mobile conversations using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) a global metric which enables businesses to measure their customer loyalty and boost their customer retention.

mSurvey’s platform enables businesses to inform their strategies through real-time customer feedback to  improve their customer experience and grow their revenues. After a successful run in Kenya, with the acquisition of several major clients such as Java House, entering a partnership with Safaricom, East and Central Africa’s largest telco and the integration with Safaricom’s mobile money giant M-Pesa, mSurvey has expanded its operations to Africa, starting from Nigeria.